Wednesday, June 20, 2012

day in the life


people let me tell you the sky is blue this morning
I am feeling slightly more inspired and motivated
managed to get out of bed and used the elliptical machine this morning
now that school is out I can use the machine before mr. w
which means there is more time for the deck after work

work is going well
things are easier
I am feeling I have a better handle on all fronts
there are still days and moments when it all becomes a foreign fog but, they are less and less frequent.

I have been holding off on the summer list
maybe because I did not really believe it would be summer
but, with the sky being blue and all I think it might be time

my tomatoes are doing well
and the romaine lettuce is close

time for second coffee


Victoria said...

we got blue sky too!!
time for my first coffee!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Blue sky, tomatoes on the way... Life is looking good.

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