Monday, June 18, 2012

a little introspection

a weekend away
at the base of a small mountain
definitely in the rainforest
it was wet
but, we had a fireplace and a hot tub and wifi
lots of quiet
punctuated by music
and laughter
some tears

family left behind did just fine
in fact, it was probably just as well that I was  not here as they found their own way through some messy bits

monday now
week begins again
exams to write
one teen still without employment
it is officially summer on Friday... you hear that WEATHER MAN!


elizabeth said...

glad you had a good weekend; sounds like a blessing... love to you and peace.

Victoria said...

love you long time baby.

blackbird said...

Isn't it wonderful to be able to leave them?!

A weekend away. What a lovely idea.

Jane said...

It's always good to get away! One of mine needs to find a job too!

Mimi said...

It sounds like a lovely weekend indeed.

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