Thursday, June 07, 2012

some Thursday inspiration


one of my old/ new favourite places is Herriott Grace

and check out this video of two ballet dancers

I am enjoying Habit very much these days

I am settling into the new job.  Yesterday was a particularly good day.  I stumbled upon the best laundromat ever.  My mind started plotting when we could come back with our cameras.  I had some good conversations and met some good folk.  This is what I love to do.  Meet people in their element.  I spend a fair bit of time in my vehicle and some days I listen to music and some days I don't.  The quiet drive is salve for my soul. 

Sure there is a lot to learn still.  I am fumbling my way through all the new systems and technology and personalities.  But, I am excited to learn and to set goals and challenges for myself. 

The weather is lame.  It has rained every day since I have started.  It is pouring today.  AGAIN.  My wardrobe has reverted to west coast winter.  I fear my peonies will never open. 

Driving tests have been rescheduled.  The job hunting for the teens continues.  Friends coming over Friday night. 


Jane said...

I agree, Habit, has been wonderful this month!

elizabeth said...

glad to hear of the quiet.... and other good things...

Victoria said...

I have been wanting to go and see a ballet lately.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Give this girl some sun! I hope you see some this weekend.

Did you see that the full Herriott Grace video was posted (20some minutes)? I'm planning to watch it tonight.

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