Thursday, June 14, 2012

fuzzy around the edges


it is all about finding new routines
clearly I haven't sorted myself quite out
the weather has been so lame
I could sleep forever

so it seems
it is cold for June
my energy is low

starting to feel the ebb and flow at work
newspaper life  is very similar to monastic life
each day has a specific focus / routine/ deadlines
and it has the same flavour each week
I love that

school is almost done
a few exams
last day of classes is today

dance recital this weekend
tech rehearsal tonight


T. said...

I've been feeling the sleepiness too lately...seems I can't get enough sleep.

elizabeth said...

new beginnings always take a lot of energy and new jobs - well - they tire one out at the beginning. may you be blessed...

Victoria said...

the ebb and the flow.
I like that.

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