Tuesday, July 17, 2012

here, there, everywhere


I talk about ebb and flow a lot here.  Up and down.  Forward and back.  Change is constant.  Life is fluid.  Some days I am on my game.  Others days, I feel like I am barely treading water. 

Routine and rhythm to the days are important to me.  I like structure.  I tend to impose a fair bit on myself, but there are days when I struggle to do basic tasks.  When I rail against my own rules.

There are days like today when I wish I had not given up my holidays.  Where the unknown looms ahead and scares me.  I pretty much tossed job security out the window.  I wanted something different.  I have that now.  And let's be really clear.  I LOVE my new job.  But,  self doubt creeps in and gnaws at my insides.   I also know, that it is very early in the game.  There is still so much to learn and I am still so new in my position.  I KNOW all of that. 

So it goes.


Victoria said...

taking risks keeps you young and flexible.

myn said...

i hear ya on the smidgens of self-doubt that creep in after a major change. i'm feeling the same. but each day is better and i know the doubt will fade away.

blackbird said...

Three months.
That's how long it takes a grown-up to get used to a new job.

Says me.

Lil'M said...

Awesome sun splash!!

Yes... we live on the tides of life. And even as much as you try to keep structure, it will create it's own changes whether you want it to or not. Change provides opportunity for growth, for faith, for becoming more malleable and suple in the hands of God.

elizabeth said...

new jobs take a good while to adjust to; love to you; hang in there!

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