Thursday, August 30, 2012

15 random things in honour of 1500 posts


  1. old is the new young - that is our mantra right now.  being physically fit is the key to staying healthy.  we are entirely committed to the process.
  2. i love football.  i love watching games live and on tv.  i love the grit and the tactical.
  3. i still love americano mistos - in the morning - in the quiet
  4. the sunroom is still my favourite room in the house
  5. my hair is the longest it has ever been
  6. my medium format colour film has been lost.  it had been shipped with a box that held $12K worth of camera equipment; the box is missing - along with the equipment and my film was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  in the grand scheme of things - hardly something to gnash my teeth over but, still.  disappointing.
  7. at this time of the year i am slightly envious of all those who are going back to school
  8. i am very much looking forward to the long weekend - giving up my holidays when I switched jobs has made me acutely aware of time away from the office 
  9. i would really like some new boots this fall
  10. i am reading more fiction these days
  11. i am more disciplined at writing
  12. i am feeling less overwhelmed by the seemingly infinite number of things on my to do list
  13. i have given up on the laundry 
  14. i have not given up on my photo projects 
  15. i am thankful for silence - being still in the quiet - finding my place


Victoria said...

oh new boooooots!! I am DYING for a new pair of boots. and I have a pair in mind.

/and/ permission (a la his new exPENSive cowboy boots :)

Mimi said...

Happy 1500!

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