Wednesday, August 29, 2012


more images from the past week. 
i am not one to wish days over before they start but, i am preparing for a doozy
there is a lot to be done before we go to press tonight
i really wanted it to be smooth and without stress
what i am learning is that rarely does that occur and usually it all comes together at the last minute
so i am trusting that process but, still there is a slight panic

then there are the teenagers of this household
going into grade 12
organization is the key
one has a key and one does not
you would think that you might start to figure a few things out by now
that old patterns can be broken
two steps forward - 5 steps back
i am being vague on purpose
this parent is mystified

and so
i need to get dressed and focus on the day job and the things i can control
and not worry about the other
and i got out of bed and exercised because that is my dragon to slay
so there is that

and i will make it a two americano morning
and i will just deal with it
because that is what i do


blackbird said...

You sound as if you are being very productive -even if some accomplishments are invisible.

Jane said...

Hang in there. Mine mystify me everyday! When they do something that I thought never would happen, I hold on to it and hope for the best.

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