Tuesday, August 21, 2012

six things on a tuesday

  1. the season is changing.  nothing for it.  the days remain warm but, the mornings are cool and damp
  2. talk turns to back to school supplies/ fashion/ course selections/ pointe shoes/ leotards/ tights/ schedules
  3. slayed the dragon this morning - daily exercise has been a bit of a bugbear for me of late.  grab the wins when I can.
  4. met some incredibly inspirational people last week
  5. re-dedicating myself to the story telling project, which I dropped while I changed  jobs and shifted focus
  6. have this crazy craving for a pumpkin latte


Deb Colarossi said...

Okay, I 'm off to exercise and then write you an email okay?

love to you

elizabeth said...

new jobs take a while... I feel the season changing as well...

Jane said...

All your pictures are wonderful! Hope you had a nice rest on your mini vaca. We are slowly coming to terms that back to school will be upon us in no time. It's time.

blackbird said...

Pumpkin latte, eh?
You're waiting for fall too!

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