Thursday, August 23, 2012

things I am learning

my kids are away camping.  it is very quiet.  one is without a cellular device - because well - he just is and my daughter is possession of hers but I have not heard from her.  i am thinking that they are outside of range and so it has been quiet.  i don't like not knowing.  but, they are with friends who all have a reasonable sense of what to do if something goes wrong.... so I am just sitting with the discomfort.  leaning into the sharp edges. 

i love my new job.  i can say that without hesitation.  i feel alive again.   without sounding overly dramatic i was dying in my old job.   there was barely a glimmer or spark inside.  this job gives me so many opportunities to be creative and inspired.  there are challenges to be sure.  but, there is nothing better than setting a goal and then achieving it.  in my mind.  and having a management team appreciate you are doing good work.  seriously - that is the best too. 

and the ripple effect is crazy good.  my brain is working overtime and ideas are flying fast and furious.  i have met some awesome people.  and heard some good stories.  there are so many stories to be told.

i am exercising with more purpose again.  with a slight adjusted mindset.  and a different goal.
my goal is to be lean and strong.  fit.  ready.  there is lots to do people.  lots to do.


E Helena E said...

Am still always reading, if not commenting. May all be well. I like this: "just sitting with the discomfort. leaning into the sharp edges".

elizabeth said...

glad to hear about the goodness; may God protect H&L...

myn said...

so happy that you are happy in your job!! i'm getting there. bit strange today since i'm in a new physical space - finally got my office! but overall it is good.

i envy you your creativity. i don't have much - not in an abandoned free kind of way. i have some organized creativity. not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

I love this post. The word that comes to my mind while reading it is "passion"

blackbird said...

All good news, though I do know about traveling children.

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