Saturday, September 15, 2012


a lot going on here on the counter
like in my brain
non stop activity
sleep has been inconsistent at best
lots of nocturnal wakenings
lots of tossing and turnng
this photo is kind of fuzzy which is appropriate somehow

i have been enjoying visiting here these days
inspired to pick up the paper and start folding
have you heard of this project - a million cranes for japan

the weather has been spectacular
cool nights and warm days

it is this time of year that a baked good would taste just about perfect - zucchini bread - pumpkin loaf - yam biscuits - oh man - I really wish that I could throw caution to the wind - sometimes I think surely I am imagining my discomfort - perhaps I could mentally overcome the digestive issues - sigh

need to find my crochet hooks and yarn
that might help with the brain activity
friends coming over later for a visit
a full day of chores
and a good walk too

maybe I will bring the canon

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Victoria said...

I am in love with September so far. wow. this weather. what a gift.

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