Sunday, September 16, 2012

the best days


I did not bring the canon. Just as well as it was warm and we decided to do the full pull and walk the entire fort to fort trail.  the weather could not have been more pleasant - cool under the canopy of the trees - hot down by the river - perfect.

chores were done. not all but most.

football - everyone's a winner baby.

a good visit with friends
still thinking about our living will discussions last night
excited to see their new living arrangements soon 

today holds more chores - hot tub - changing up the water - chemistry
driving practice for the daughter
I'd really like to finish a roll of 100 speed film in my camera
and somehow I have lost two more rolls of film - they are in our house somewhere
new journal bought - discounted moleskin - nothing makes me happier than cracking open new journal


Lil'M said...

you did the ENTIRE trek?


Victoria said...

ooh. nice.

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