Friday, October 12, 2012

another grad cruise

It is my daughter's grad cruise tonight.  She will be getting ready at friend's house and so we will have no photos.... do people take photos of such events?  I think they must.  We would if we were home. I know we would. 

I loathe to say I am getting sick.  Sore throat continues and feeling slightly feverish.  Time to break open the highly coveted neocitran. Fighting off the woe is me, I'm so woe. 

Lots of questions.  Not a whole lot of answers.  Wondering just where this all leads and what the heck we are doing - feels like we are in a bit of rat race right now. 

It is Friday and I can rest this weekend.  Do some outside yard work.   Breathe.  Cycle through. 


elizabeth said...

(((hugs))) so sorry for the struggles ~ when we feel ill it all seems worse as well. hang in there. fight! light a candle! I will light one right now for you...

Victoria said...

blech. I had a hurricane cold hit me last week. it lasted 1.5 days. so weird. that one day my nose was running like a faucet, then by the next evening... *poof* gone.
so weird.

get well soon my friend.

Deb Colarossi said...

Feel better. Hugs.
( and they will take photos but they will all end up on facebook of course)

blackbird said...

Someone will take pictures...and they'll post them on facebook or some such.

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