Thursday, October 18, 2012

these things


Spent time reflecting on where I sit right now.  Where I have come from and what I have experienced and learned up till now.  I thought about making a list of all the rather traumatic life events but, it felt misplaced - such a list.   Could be overwhelming - or taken the wrong way.  Woes is me.  I'm so woe.  Suffice it to say that when I took a moment to recollect I was thankful for the place I found myself.   My struggles are not unique - everyone has challenges in their lives - things they must rise above and overcome.  Sometimes I think we forget to pause and enjoy the victory before we enter into the next battle.

I made a cowl.  I love it.

I am sleeping more.  Rather than lament the lack of morning quiet time I have decided to embrace the fact that I need more sleep in the fall and winter.  I just do.  Which means less time in front of the keyboard and screen in the early am hours.  I miss my online community - I feel a bit out of the loop - missing old friends.

I am going to catch up this weekend.


elizabeth said...

thinking of you. prayers.

Victoria said...

I miss you.

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