Monday, October 01, 2012

october 1 - beginning of Q4


I am no longer in the banking world but, I still hold onto the view of quarterly updates.  September was a beautiful month in terms of our weather.  Glorious sunny afternoons and cool nights.  A transition month. 

We helped good friends move to an awesome new place out in the country.  We invited ourselves there for new years.

I saw the film The Master.  I am still thinking about it. I am just not sure.  

October brings:

Mr. W's birthday - this year the date seems more poignant - February was not so long ago.  Our lives could  have looked very different.  We are grateful for his new lease on life.

Cranberry festival - volunteer hours - photo ops

Thanksgiving - a feast with families - all of us - as next year we may be scattered.

Pumpkin - ales, pies, lattes

Football - jr and professional -

Red wine - partial to the cab franc and the pinot noir this year

Crochet - wondering where oh where is that scarf I made last year

Reading - still working on Gone Girl


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday Month to Mr. W indeed ;)

Victoria said...

I am curious still about that movie. hmm...

Lil'M said...

i miss you.

Unknown said...

oh, i see lids but no garbage cans!

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