Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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I am slightly exhausted by the learning curve of late.  Today it shall be the third press day in a row.  We are printing a section early so it had to go to bed last night.  Today it is press day for tomorrow's edition.  My days felt a bit gong show ish.  The good news is I have less to proof this morning and most of it can be done electronically so I won't be driving around so much. 
Something happened between Sunday afternoon and Monday morning and my back is messed up.  Sleep is intermittent.  Time will ease the discomfort but, it is putting a wrench in my daily exercise routine which has now become part of my stress management program.  You see where I am going with this.... no daily exercise = stress builds = more irritability.  

I started a reclaim a room project on the weekend.  Once done it will allow me to set up a desk and work area upstairs - a place to call my own to set up shop.  Currently, I have just created more chaos in two separate areas.  My kitchen table is covered with books we are going to donate... there is a separate pile for Mr. W to take to his classroom.  There is a separate pile of library books to return. Homework and binders.  There is no place to eat a meal. 

My fridge is empty.  Condiments mostly.  This weekend we will need to stock up for some winter eating. 

Our friends are moving on Saturday so we will be there to help.  It is my intention to see The Master on Friday night.

It is not raining.  And that is a very good thing.

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elizabeth said...

not easy. things going to press can be exhausting. been praying for you all...

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