Tuesday, November 13, 2012

13th - pretty sure I posted this photo before

film::cross processed

its come to this
popcorn and beer for dinner because I just can't be bothered.
met with the insurance company regarding the jetta
took the adjuster all of 2 minutes to say nope. not going to fix it.  too bad so sad.
that was at 7am this morning.

came home to some bogus letter from a collection agency saying that I have not paid my parking ticket on my jaguar ..... ha ha ha... its funny but not because the HASSLE in proving this is NOT my ticket looms on the horizon.

homeland tonight.
maybe some chocolate.


elizabeth said...

oh boy :(

hang in there!

Victoria said...

hahaha! popcorn and beer. sounds like my kind of dinner.

Mimi said...

Popcorn and booze (I don't do beer) is a perfectly acceptable dinner in my book.
Sorry about the Jetta. Urg.

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