Thursday, November 15, 2012

14 - 15 officially the middle

middle of the month.
the Nativity Fast starts today.  the lights will be turned on.  there are some twinkle lights in my kitchen window to fend off the darkness.  this weekend we will work on our christmas cards.
I have found a source of chai.  I am going today at noon for my first cup.  I am excited.  We have not alot of food in our house.  I have been remiss in the grocery shopping.  I buy only the essentials.  We require food that can be converted to snacks.  I have been slowly stocking up on the tea choices. 

the false ticket has been dealt with. 
we find out how much the jetta was worth today.
they will come and tow it away next week.

did I mention I need to update my christmas tunes .... suggestions send them my way.  we like all kinds .... we love medieval carols and chants - but are not opposed to sufjan stevens and johnny cash singing about christmas. 

peace out.


elizabeth said...

I need lights too... and I get to Christmas cards with Mr. Husband! YAY! looking forward to this...

Sarah in Indiana said...

We buy a new Christmas CD every year. A recent favorite has been James Taylor At Christmas.

Last year we bought Carole King's A Christmas Carole and it was a huge miss. We listened to it once and then donated it to the library. We replaced it with Michael Buble for our Christmas 2011 CD.

Gotta decide what will be this year's purchase.

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