Tuesday, November 06, 2012

5-6th missed a day already

at the farm

I really wanted to post every day this month.  Did not even make it one week.  But, here is the thing... I have been getting up earlier and this is normally when I post.  Yesterday I didn't because I thought I might have more things to say in the evening.... then I came home and watched some Homeland and Downton Abbey and went to to bed with nary a thought to the blog.

So mornings it shall be. 
I am feeling less raw these last few days.  We had some blue sky and the light made a huge difference.

I bought some new pants that fit.  My work pants were looking a little baggy and my manager gave me a lead on some affordable dress pants. 

It is  day of meetings and planning for Christmas.  Tonight I am going to hang some twinkle lights in my kitchen.



elizabeth said...

good to catch up with you here; I sense more light in your posts and am so glad. lots of love and sunshine sent your way...

Victoria said...

arg! it's a little bit heartbreaking to throw out really nice pants that are too big for you, isn't it?

I was so tempted to keep mine 'just in case', then thought 'that's CRAZY! just in case you grow your butt out again??!!'

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