Thursday, November 08, 2012

6-7 th - do you see a theme here

Another earthquake on the west coast.  Hardly anyone felt it  or that is what is being reported.  No tsunami warning.  But, another warning.  This time we are motivated enough to come up with a check in plan - in case the quake comes and the family is separated.  They recommend you have a person away from the scene that you all have to call and report that you are safe.

Grateful for the blue skies.

Cooler mornings.
First day to scrape the windshields.

Appointment to have the jetta evaluated has been moved up to Tuesday.  Small mercies. 

A rare long weekend in November due to Remembrance Day falling on Sunday.

There are an inordinate number of leaves still on the trees.

Still loving November.


elizabeth said...

another earthquake... oh boy... Lord have mercy on us...

Victoria said...

it's nice seeing you here (almost) every day :)

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