Wednesday, November 28, 2012

742 days *or 50 things to do before I turn 50

Through a table darkly
photo by thomas

with a nod to hulaseventy's list here -
  1. sew a quilt for each of my children
  2. complete 10 chin ups
  3. knit a pair of socks
  4. get back to maui
  5. get up on a surf board
  6. celebrate 20 years of marriage
  7. celebrate my parents 50 years of marriage
  8. visit new orleans with thomas
  9. read 52 books in 52 weeks
  10. host story telling night
  11. make buttons
  12. develop my own black and white film
  13. hold a photography exhibit 
  14. finish west of hope project
  15. create pop up T-shirt shop
  16. silk screen said T-shirts
  17. retreat for a weekend just to write
  18. frame some artwork
  19. visit NYC with Thomas
  20. get to Impossible Project 
  21. see Vivian Maier exhibit
  22. complete a 365 photo project 
  23. bake challah
  24. write down my father's story
  25. host a johnny cash party
  26. hear Fleetfoxes live
  27. get back into Pilates
  28. write some poems
  29. see my children graduate highschool 
  30. take a course 
  31. hike the big chief again
  32. go camping again
  33. have a garden party
  34. change a tire
  35. see the Nutcracker again with my family
  36. get to Portland 
  37. take a train
  38. make some salsa
  39. write a story
  40. create some playlists 
  41. hear seth godin speak
  42. memorize some scripture
  43. rent a cabin
  44. make jam
  45. master the ripple crochet
  46. get to the east coast of Canada
  47. pay off my debts
  48. drive a jeep
  49. get something published
  50. figure out the scanner


elizabeth said...

beautiful photo. that is a significant list. if I am still near NYC when you come to it, would love to see you...

Lil'M said...

13 & 14 are totally do-able.
will help you get there :)

Sue said...

Inspiring. Maybe I should have a list -I have 1097 days to play with.

blackbird said...

...oh, the scanner.


Victoria said...

You got me started on these kinds of lists. They keep me going. Thanks.

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