Wednesday, December 12, 2012

checking in - mid week


another look at the tree
this morning I actually got my sorry self out of bed early to purposefully sit in the sunroom in the light of the tree
I was awake anyways
made myself an americano
this week is kind of crazy
work dinner meeting last night
today and tomorrow my daughter dances
friday evening will be devoted to nailing down a few christmas gifts
because you know - it is only 2 weeks away
everything spins differently this year
normally I am off either before or after christmas
there is time to plan and bake
this year not so much
wait we did bake but, alas the tins are empty
because I live with two teenagers
so this weekend we will bake some more
and hide them better
we need to book an evening to see christmas lights
and finish my cards
and make a few lists


Victoria said...

yeah, the years... they don't seem to grow less busy at all, do they?

elizabeth said...
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E Helena E said...

R - I admire your risk taking this year and trusting your gut!

E - I've had this also, and suspected the same :-( Thank you.

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