Thursday, December 13, 2012

day 13 - #reverb12

Stirring, toque and lips

Please post your favourite picture of yourself from 2012, self-portrait or otherwise!

I don't know if this is my favourite but, this is kind of what I look like.  Toque in the kitchen because I hate being cold.  And generally what happens is I come home from work and get started in the kitchen and just don't bother completely undressing.  I don't take off my toque.  The scarf is pretty much a permanent fixture.  Sometimes I wear glasses.  Our fridge is always covered in paper.  Layers of notes and notices secured by extra strong magnets.  Important things.  Some fridge magnet poetry happens there... the odd inspirational quote, a calendar that is used sporadically, dentist appointment reminders, the mortgage broker's phone number, a photo of the kids from grade school,  donation-in-kind receipts for church,  and an advent calendar.   I like to keep flowers on the island and there is usually a bowl with random pieces of fruit, avocado, tomatoes, more important bits of paper waiting to be processed.  


Victoria said...

there's the face I love :D

elizabeth said...

Really love this photo; very very much.

blackbird said...

I like this picture!

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