Saturday, December 01, 2012

December 1st - #reverb12


game on
you will notice the lovely multi-coloured badge on the right hand side of my blog... I was super pleased to find a #reverb12 group.  You can follow along by checking out I Saw You Dancing and read all about the process  and history here.

Day 1:  How are you starting?
Grateful - that I found this group.  I stumbled on #reverb09 back when Gwen Bell was omnipresent on the internets...  I became part of the larger group in 2010.. things changed and 2011 was more of an individual attempt - I still used December as a time of personal reflection but, I missed the common purpose and group interaction.  I follow Debra on twitter and she led me back to Kat and here we are.

Damp - I walked in a parade today.  It poured rain.  I was volunteering for work.

Full - of popcorn.  A treat and munching on it in moderation seems to have no negative repercussions on the digestive track.

A little sad - I am not going to pretend that everything is grand because it isn't but then whose life is not messy.  I am much more comfortable with the messy bits.  So, that is growth.  But, I still am sad for lives not lived.  Choices that are being made.  Reconciling myself to the fact that I have very little (if any) control over my children's choices.  


word of the year
it is that time again
this year my word was strength
a lot of things happened this past year.

at this point I have no idea what my word for 2013 will be
I am hoping this month of reflection will bring something into focus


Wendy said...

Hi Ramona, thanks for stopping by my blog. I hear you on the melancholy. While I'm in such a good place this year, in past years, December only serves to amplify sadness and regrets. I don't have a word yet either - thinking about it though. Good luck with your journey.

Debra Kreps said...

This time of year puts me in a bit of funk, too. I think that's how it should be, though. We reminisce and rue and wonder why... so then we can put that all behind us and look forward and set goals and dream again.

Isn't life grand? xo

Victoria said...

more time together. more wine. more fun.


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