Monday, January 07, 2013

giving thanks for my people and my call to action

Vic - NYE dinner

steph's hands

so both of these people in these photos mean the world to me.
I just so happen to have their hands at work
but there are many, many who have supported me this past year with love and prayers and a "you can do it", "trust your instinct"
my husband first and foremost as he has had to bear the growing pains of the new job of which there have been many and I anticipate there will be more

my parents
my siblings
my colleagues
my online community

then there are those who dared to take a risk and hire me.
all I can say is that I am profoundly grateful for it all.

my word this year is


occupy the attention or efforts ; secure for aid; attract and hold fast; to bind; to bring into conflict; mechanics;
this is a very big word for me. I definitely want to engage others in my story telling venture. I will not be doing this project on my own. I will need help.

i will need to engage even more at work - connect with clients - build up trust - find out what they need and find a way to assist them

i will need to engage others in my journey to become better at my job.
i want to engage my son back into my life. find a way to reconnect. find a meeting point - a common ground.

my goals this year
to take write more: letters, postcards, blog posts, stories, journal entries - just write more::
to continue to take photos::to continue to work on my physical fitness:: to earn more money:: to worry less:: to visit more with my sisters:: bigriver story night
that's not too much right?

bring on 2013.





Deb Colarossi said...

Bring it on indeed.


Victoria said...

Really good word. I can't find a good word :(

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