Sunday, January 06, 2013

sunday so far it is not raining

still life 2

still life x2

one of each
the colour photo is from the summer
lunch at hillside
down below
we ate upstairs on the patio deck

the bw photo is from new years at the Q's
working on my composition

inspired by my friend Vic's new enthusiasm with her own camera
creativity spurs creativity
essential for the spirit to be creating
my son picked up a paint brush over the break - this made me so glad in the heart

last day before school starts and final push towards graduation
after liturgy we go to bless the waters at the river
it is one of my favourite services of the year

we have been weaning ourselves off the treats and leftover cheese and beer
the clean eating has been welcome
despite the temptation

we are all highly motivated to continue on the path to be the healthiest, fittest we can be...well 3 our of 4 of us are highly motivated and we are hoping Luke will find his way

had a most enjoyable morning with my daughter
thankful for that gift

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