Wednesday, July 03, 2013


might be a good time for a gratitude list

  • sunshine and blue skies - I think we are on our 6th day in a row now
  • my son and his job are working well together
  • fresh fruit - strawberries, nectarines, cherries, blueberries, raspberries
  • farm markets
  • sharing laughter with my daughter
  • the ability to leave the house without a jacket
  • my sunroom
  • the ability to have a meeting by way of a conference call to avoid the traffic 
  • living sock free
  • twitter 
The days go by.  I am thankful for waking each morning and having the opportunity to play the game.  Some days are brutal.  Some are awesome.  I think the challenge is to find the awesome moments in the brutal days... 

We are going to the Okanagan this weekend to see my folks and stock up on some fresh cherries. We will take our cameras and visit our favourite wineries.  

The spinach tart was a huge success.  It looked just like the photo in the Martha Stewart magazine and was delicious.  Will definitely make it again.  

Summer is definitely here.


elizabeth said...

lots of good things here. so glad. and YAY for sun!

Victoria said...

summer finally got here today. it has been trying in fits and starts, but today was lovely. I hear it is hothothot! in the lower mainland.

oh to be on the back porch of chez W, with a long cool glass of pinot grigio.

missing you.

love, vic

Lil'M said...

Score on the Martha tart!! It's an achievement to get one of Martha's recipes to look the same, but if it can both taste AND look fantastic, that's a definite achievement.

Enjoy the interior! I hope the weather is kind to you :)

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