Tuesday, August 06, 2013

summer time

I am officially on vacation.  The days continue to be warm and the skies blue. We just came off a long weekend.  BC Day.   Most of our plans were thrown to the wayside due to events outside our control.
But, there were some lovely moments.  Today is my first day off work for real.  Walked 2 hours on the fort to fort trail with Thomas.  Two blisters to prove it.  Probably preventable if I had worn socks.  But, I cannot stand wearing socks in the summer.  The path is ripe with sun warmed blackberries.  Thomas does not like to stop .... but I could not pass them by so I would grab a few and then run and catch back up him.  

My daughter hiked a mountain today.  The same mountain where a mysterious and tragic death just occurred.  A young woman fell off the cliff last evening.  She still has not been identified.  Nobody knows who she is or what she was doing on the mountain.  Nobody has reported her missing.  Because Hannah is familiar with the terrain she is mystified by how this woman fell off the cliff.  Why?  There is definitely a story here.

We google chatted with our best friends.

We are rewatching The Wire.  I am amazed at how much of the series is set up during the first season.  We are four episodes in and it is like revisiting old friends.  So much ground work is laid during this first season.  

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praying for you all and loving you.

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