Sunday, August 04, 2013

people I've seen

  • the bug lady - she reminded me of a fly. her aviator sunglasses were ginormous and took over her face.  she looked like a new mum.  the fellow was pushing the stroller and she was keeping pace but there did not look like there was a lot of animated conversation happening.  
  • a modern beatrix potter - this woman was walking the houston trail in fine clothes.  a white dress shirt and dress pants.  she wore glasses and carried an easel and a backpack
  • texting woman - a woman at the football game that was having some very animated text message conversation with someone.  she also seemed quite alarmed when her phone announced the new message and kept hiding it under her shirt before peaking at the message.  I wondered why she did not put it on vibrate.  she also texted with her mouth wide open.



Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I like the idea of walking along a trail in fine clothes, but have always found the more practical side of my personality taking charge in that area.

elizabeth said...

wonder if that first couple was tired from the new baby...

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