Tuesday, August 20, 2013

list of things going on in my brain

  • I really do want to read more novels
  • I want to consume less and create more
  • need to increase the variety in our diet without compromising the clean eating we have been doing.  this takes time. 
  • continue to get rid of extra stuff
  • walk to relieve stress
  • drink more water
  • organize my work space.  take more ownership of the space.  I have been there just over a year.
  • write more letters
  • refocus my attempt at taking a photo a day.  what is the deal with not.
  • clean my fridge
  • think of fall wardrobe additions at reasonable cost
  • sew something


elizabeth said...

I am wanting to organize things more as well... and squeeze the last goodness out of summer... hard to get back into things sometimes, even taking pictures...

Victoria said...

Would you believe I brought my sewing machine ams left the peddle in storage at my in-laws? gah.

Lil'M said...

stuff is strange, isn't it? been reading the lives of the saints - it's so hard to believe all this stuff is necessary, when our deepest selves are filled by something deeper, greater, more substantial and real than all those "things" that surround us...

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