Sunday, August 18, 2013

the largest toad I ever did see

Middle of August and I am sitting here with a blanket over my legs and flannel pjs.  The season is changing.  Summer is not over but the warm mornings have given way to the occasional mist and the fog is starting to roll in.  Time to start travelling with the cameras for the still elusive cows in the field in the fog shot that I crave to record.

I am not going to lie. We are a tad bit exhausted just now.   We are newly committed to the one day at a time phase.  One day.  One step.  That is all we can do.  

I am thinking about boots.  I would like a new pair.  My two best friends both have a lovely pair of riding boots... I am thinking maybe I would like to join their club.

And tights.  I am thinking about tights. 

The September Vogue is still not on the shelves.  What is the deal with that?  

My littlest sister is turning 40.  Lord have mercy.  

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Victoria said...

Oh how I miss you.

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