Saturday, December 07, 2013

random photos using different apps

I am missing my laptop.  I am missing hanging out with my online community.  The iPhone is a great tool but, not sufficient for all things.  We are working on a plan.  Things are happening here.
Daughter is registered for college.  Textbooks ordered.  November came and went.  Now we are well into December and Christmas is fast approaching.  I knew that would happen.  We have been sampling a few new craft beers.  I managed to clean half of my tile floors.  I baked some bird's nest cookies. We have some white chocolate, apricot + almond biscotti in the freezer.  We are in the routine of creating our own vegetarian pizzas on Friday nights.  I was home most of the day with both my 18 year olds and the mr. w.  It was lovely to be all together.  It is cold cold cold here.  -10 C.  Coldest it's been as long as I can remember.  And dry.  And sunny.  Happy December peeps.

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