Tuesday, December 10, 2013


  1. I still drink at least one americano a day
  2. I love the stillness after the first snowfall
  3. My children are 18 years old
  4. I have experienced more stress in the last 2 years than I can imagine
  5. My prayers are far more ardent these days
  6. I love to write and receive letters via the postal service
  7. I miss taking photographs
  8. I own two pairs of boots now and pretty much alternate them daily throughout the fall/ winter
  9. My palate has changed and I enjoy the odd glass of cold, crisp white wine in the winter
  10. Both of my parents are still alive
  11. Both of my inlaws are still alive
  12. Both of children graduated from highschool this year
  13. I thought I had arthritis but, I don't
  14. My nose is pierced
  15. I do not wear nail polish on my hands 
  16. I do enjoy the odd pedicure
  17. I suffer from a bit of insomnia these days
  18. I would love a pair of a Fluevogs
  19. My hair is long
  20. My hair would be grey if I did not colour it
  21. I started a new business venture this year
  22. I desperately want to go to Hawaii again
  23. I love fresh flowers
  24. I try and avoid wheat
  25. I question the validity of the recycling business
  26. I love reading magazines
  27. I am a huge fan of twitter
  28. I miss my laptop
  29. I have two sisters 
  30. I have two nephews named Sam
  31. I can do 35 push-ups
  32. I make an awesome curried lentil soup
  33. My favourite winter ale is still made by Granville Island Brewing
  34. My one regret about changing jobs is the lack of vacation
  35. I need more sleep in the winter
  36. I struggle with time management
  37. I own several cameras and none of them are in active rotation
  38. I want to refocus on writing every day
  39. I have been known to wear wool socks to bed
  40. I prefer flannel sheets in the winter
  41. My favourite evening is dinner with friends and family around a table
  42. I prefer email over telephone
  43. I appreciate good music
  44. I love Johnny Cash
  45. I love libraries 
  46. I love lists
  47. I like routine
  48. I prefer hardwood over carpet
  49. I turned 49 this year


elizabeth said...

May God give you many more years. My love to you. Miss you here.

elizabeth said...

missed the list and so glad I came back to read it.

so I would LOVE to know that curried lentil soup recipe...

I am always so happy to read your posts.

sending a HUG your way!

ps: just emailed you...

Victoria said...

love you and miss you more than you can know friend.

we are missing our dinner with you this year.


sending all our love.

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