Sunday, December 29, 2013

where have I been

I lost my words sometime last year.  Or so it seemed.  I lost access to some tools and technology and my routines shifted.  I became a tad bit unglued.  Not in an overly dramatic way but, enough so that by the end of the year when I sit down to review all that I have lived and experienced I became conscious of the shift.  So much has changed.  Little tiny changes over time make huge impacts not noticeable immediately but, after 6 months you see the evidence.  

This can work for good.  You do the things everyday.  Whether you see the impact or don't. Skip one day of pushups - not a problem.  Skip a week and you notice the difference.  Best not to go down the road of skipping.

I stopped doing many things this year.  A few things I kept doing.  I wonder about the why - is it even worth wondering why....I think more prudent to push forward and start anew.  Recommit and recognize that I need to write and I need to read.  I need to take photos.  This is how I process the world around me. 

The career switch has played a big role in this whole shift.  Before my work required little effort from me in finding the business.  People were referred to me and I did the work.  I had little impact in the finding of the business.  Now it is all me.  Or almost all me.  And so this requires much more creative energy.  There are some days I am done with the creating.... I think that is partly the reason why I have not much left in the tank when I come home.  This has been a bit of a revelation.  Now, my creative side needs to be nourished and protected.  

I read a great piece about goal setting and process.  If I can find it again; I will link back to it.  It spoke about focusing on the process - the training - doing the work - and the outcome will be the goal.  But, rather focus on the end result spend your energy on the process. Same message - different voice.  Keep doing the work.  Make the effort.  Day by day.  Structure is good for me.  So, I will aim to be more consistent with blogging - for my own sake.  I will see how the photography goes... maybe get back into a daily photograph through instagram? I want to read more.  Maybe not necessarily novels but essays.  Smaller chunks of fiction.  Off line. Magazines and books that I can hold in my hands.

I am also extremely motivated and want to do well with my part-time venture.  This will take time and effort but, could have some good long term benefits if done correctly.  

Let's finish December in good health and looking forward to an exciting and fruitful 2014.


elizabeth said...

so good to hear from you. you all are in our daily prayers.

blackbird said...

I'm happy to see you...and I look forward to more in 2014.

Frewtyl said...

I have been away from the blogging world too…and am hoping to find space for creativity and things other than the daily work, school, baby responsibilities.

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