Monday, December 23, 2013

and just like that....

The month is almost over.  And so is the year. I am looking forward to turning the page and moving forward.  Onward.  New directions.  I have been a bit mired as of late.

I am thankful for a few minutes with the one laptop.  I miss my online community.  I miss writing. I miss taking photos.  The things I miss is rather extensive. 

How fruitful is it to spend such time lamenting things gone by? 

I am fairly motivated to make some changes.  Little ones.  Daily choices that on their own do not amount to very much; but over time will move mountains.

I opted to do nothing tonight.  Tomorrow morning I shall arise early and finish my tasks.  Then two days off.  For which I am ever grateful


TeresaAngelina said...

Merry Christmas, Ramona!

elizabeth said...

Christ is born! beautiful pictures. The Joy of the Feast. We are praying for you all daily.

Victoria said...

oh crazy. thanks for the photos. missing you like crazy. you have no idea. or maybe you do. love you long time baby.

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