Wednesday, April 02, 2014

one more birthday

Big birthday weekend past.  19 years old.  We had a great weekend and we are continuing our celebrations this coming Saturday by going to see Neutral Milk Hotel together.  We raised our children on that music and so great we can all go and see them play live.  Perfect timing.  

We ate chocolate coconut cake.  I improvised a recipe from Whitewater Cooks  We added the cocoa powder.  We served it with vanilla frozen yogurt and strawberries.  

The daughter has her last day of classes tomorrow - the end of the first term.  She will be coming home Easter weekend.  This year Pascha falls on the same weekend as Western Easter so we will all enjoy the days off.  Well - I get Holy Friday off, but not the Monday.  Le sigh.  As my friend Vic says. 

We have enjoyed blue skies and sunny skies the past couple of days and it makes all the difference.

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elizabeth said...

good to see you here! what a lovely cake! I am glad that you were able to celebrate this birthday! 19... that was a really good year in my life; I hope it is for your two beloveds as well.

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