Friday, October 17, 2014


Grateful it is Friday.  It was a short, busy week.  The rain has come as promised.  Yesterday I drove into the city to hear my youngest sister give a presentation on unconditional giving.  In March of the year she gave birth to a baby boy - she was a surrogate for a couple who wanted to have a child.  It was an incredible journey to witness.  She was one of two speakers both giving presentations around the theme of unconditional giving.  A celebration of stories.   The venue was an artist studio.  It was a good evening.

Today I have three meetings - with others.  These take time and mental energy.  They will be good too.
Friday night is homemade pizza night.  And a hockey game.  Tomorrow a football game and chores and rest.

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elizabeth said...

prayers and nice to see you posting here more often....

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