Thursday, October 16, 2014

mid month

10 days have past since we celebrated Mr W's birthday and Thanksgiving is over for another year.  Now. we are in the days before Advent.  I have always liked these days.  It is important for me to remember that. This year has been fraught with a fair amount of worry and stress.  I have tended not to focus and rest in the present but, have carried a lot of worry in my heart about the future.  No, that is not right either.  I can't quite articulate the crazy space I am in.  I am not worried about the future because ultimately I do believe things will work out how they are supposed to...its more like I am slightly off course and am constantly trying to make small corrections to bring myself  back on track but it is not working.  Generally I can figure it out and get back on track easily - for some reason it is not so easy this time and I am exhausted.   Ok. Not exhausted but tired.

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elizabeth said...

will light a candle for you.

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