Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend

The weekend was a bit of blur.  I appreciated the three days off - and the slower pace.  I had a long list of things to accomplish that still sits on my phone with barely anything crossed off.  But, I managed to clean the gas fireplace and light the pilot light so that it is ready to go .... which according to the weather peeps - should be anytime now.  The rain is coming.  In fact - this morning it rained. We need a few more supplies.
We are out of candles.  So that is going on the list.  And the tea supply needs to be restocked.  Because ample hot beverages are key tools in my weapons to fight the darkness.  

I am fighting some virus - hardly seems mentioning considering what the world faces.  I have mere scratchy throat and irritating cough.  It is enough to make me irritable and tired.  Yesterday I chose to go straight home and drink chicken noodle soup broth and remove myself from all social activities.  Perspective is key. 

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elizabeth said...

perspective is huge. My to do list looms long as usual. feel better soon. glad you were with your family for this Thanksgiving!

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