Monday, November 03, 2014


Time change.  New month.  New goals.  We are staring down the barrel to the end of the year.  I want to finish the year strong.  To that end I am stepping up - I am working on my production rather than my productivity.  

The Nativity Fast begins in 13 days.  

Our friends out east have received their first snowfall.

I am pretty much relegated to boots now.  Boots and wool socks and boots and tights.  Scarves.  My favourite toque is missing.  My second favourite toque is with my daughter in the city.  

I am working on our Christmas cards.

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elizabeth said...

God bless. I just ordered a pair of boots and hope they work. so sorry about the toque. my husband has one and I did not know what to call it down here, a they don't know the word toque. ! I need to work on our Christmas cards too. much love. prayers continued.

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