Wednesday, December 10, 2014

not just another day

  1. I am alive.
  2. My family is healthy.
  3. My family is intact; we are together.
  4. I still have long hair.
  5. I still wear boots in the winter.
  6. I love to sit in the light of the Christmas tree.
  7. I still love americano mistos.
  8. I listen to instructional and motivational CD's in my car.
  9. I also listen to classic rock 101.1.
  10. I found 2014 to be a challenging year.
  11. I have two 19 year olds.
  12. I still drive the subaru.
  13. I have gone into business for myself.
  14. I am feeling a bit displaced.
  15. My favourite pen has been discontinued - the Pilot fineliner.
  16. I own one pair of wool socks.
  17. I have two sisters.
  18. We still have Echo the husky.
  19. I cover my grey hair.
  20. I am contemplating not covering it.
  21. My parents are both still alive.
  22. We are seriously considering selling our house.
  23. I have not been writing much.
  24. I am only using my iphone to take photos.
  25. I really believe I am at a crossroads.
  26. I need to lose 25 lbs.  REALLY.
  27. I still love the Mountain Goats.
  28. I have not been to a concert since April.
  29. I still love Neutral Milk Hotel.
  30. I would love another pair of boots.
  31. I am an almost vegetarian.
  32. I love scarves.
  33. I long for another trip to Hawaii.
  34. My favourite sweet treat is a good piece of chocolate.
  35. I avoid wheat and I feel better.
  36. I miss my friend Victoria so much it hurts.
  37. I enjoy a good, cold, dark ale.
  38. I support the local wine industry.
  39. I wear tights in the winter.
  40. I do not wear socks in the summer.
  41. I long for the time freedom of being successfully self-employed.
  42. I sit on the board of the Langley Rams Jr. Football Club
  43. I am patient.
  44. I enjoy a good story.
  45. I have no tattoos.
  46. My nose is pierced.
  47. I love silence.
  48. I am not afraid to step to edge.
  49. I am grateful for all that I have received.
  50. I am 50 years old today.


elizabeth said...

Many many years my friend and may our loving Saviour bless you and guide you. Prayers for you and family continue...

Sarah in Indiana said...

Happy, happy birthday ! God grant you many years!

TeresaAngelina said...

Re: 20, good call.
Re: 38, House of Rose Winery, Kelowna, "Hot Flash" a lovely red and a cheeky name.
Happy birthday!

blackbird said...

Don't have the ale if you're better without the wheat, ya know...(I know you know).
Happy happy birthday my internet friend.

2014 was not great.


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