Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Happy Birthday Luke and Hannah!

Funny, strong willed, serious, reflective, hearty chuckle, blond, red and brown hair, creative, silent, runner, illustrator, writer, daughter, sister and friend

Flexible, relaxed, compassionate, visionary, builder, illustrator, bouncy, glasses, reader of nonfiction, big picture, chatty, son, brother and friend

Eleven years ago today our lives changed forever. Hannah and Luke graced our world. We have learned so much from our children. They are gifts from God to us. We are thankful.


Gabe said...

Happy Birthday! May God Grant you Many Years!

pasivirta said...

Its great to know young folks like your two.

MatJenny said...

Yes indeedy, happy birthday godkids!
I remember you two in the hospital wrapped up like hoagies. Wow, look at you now. I'm so proud to know you and to have known you since before you were born! God bless you.

Simply Victoria said...

happy happy happy happy birthday, and many years!
full prostrations next year, right hannah?

med said...

Happy Birthday Hannah and Luke. We're holding some penguin pj bottoms hostage in Victoria until you visit again! Many years!

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