Saturday, April 05, 2008

something new

My son has garnered abit of a reputation of being faster than the wind. The local football club has come a calling. He is not just fast but has grown rather tall and broad the last year as well making him quite attractive to certain positions or so I am told. I am not a sporty person. I watch a bit of hockey - throughout the year and I sort of know what they are doing on the ice. I can't stand baseball. Especially on the TV. Football mystifies me.

My son is very excited to be asked to play. He is quite keen to try. I have mixed emotions. He is starting a new orthodontic phase. He wears glasses - so he will have to switch to contacts (this may be a good thing) but really if I am honest. I do not want to see my son tackled to the ground in the name of fun.

So,we are getting all the information and meeting with the coach. The only challenge is if games are Sunday mornings then he will not try out as he cannot miss Church to play football. That is just the way things roll.

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