Thursday, August 13, 2009

lightening strikes

I am about half way through my vacation/ holiday/ break. It has been good. The first week was a catch up week. Learning to sleep past 5.30am - or at the very least rolling over and going back to sleep and not feeling guilty. Errands done. We are working on letting go of the huge financial hiccup of a car repair bill that put a huge dent in our summer time plans. To salve our wounds we are committing to taking H and L to Maui during spring break. It is a an opportunity that probably will not come around again and so we are working to make it happen - which means staying put for the remainder of the summer. And honestly that is just fine with me.

I love my house and my yard and I enjoy spending time here at home. Waking up and sitting in the sun room in the quiet of the morn. Whether it rains or the sun shines - it is a good place to be.

I have been focusing on being grateful for all the good things. Forcing myself to look for goodness and finding it in unexpected places. Hanging out with my children. Laughing. Walking with my husband. Baking brownies. Watching Friday Night Lights together. Seeing my garden grow and eating cherry tomatoes off the vine.

We are anticipating another big storm - complete with thunder and rain showers. Football practice tonight. A friend is coming over to cut my daughter's hair. Doctor's appointment for my son and I shall finish the passport applications. We had our photos taken yesterday - and let me tell you they are some fantastic mug shots.

I am drinking hot chocolate and thinking about finding some wool socks for my feet.


Mimi said...

Sounds good! Hugs to you~

elizabeth said...

Yeah. Just being home with those you love can be good. My love to you.

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