Wednesday, September 14, 2011

its my father's birthday today

Sept. 14th
It is my father's birthday.
He turns 77.  He is 30 years older than me.
That is how I remember his age.

He came to Canada in '56 escaping Hungary and the revolution with a group of forestry students.  He eventually made his way to the Okanagan and met my mother who was just 20.  And they married and I came along.  He has stories to tell.

My father was a foreigner.  His English still smacks of someone who has learned the language later in life.  He wore wooden clogs through most of my childhood.  I was embarrassed by them at the time because he was so DIFFERENT from the other dads. 

Now I see how brave he was to stay the course and be true to himself. 

My dad is an artist.  He loves to paint and draw.  And  putter in his garden.  He loves my mum.  Still.

Happy Birthday Dad!


Victoria said...

I like this a lot.
many years to your dad.

Mimi said...

Many Years to your dad indeed! He sounds like an amazing man, which I am not surprised, knowing his amazing daughter.

TeresaAngelina said...

Many years indeed!

I have a friend whose mother immigrated from Hungary I believe the same year. Her story is not as lovely as your father's. I am very happy to hear of a good story. It was a terrible time for them all. Your dad was a brave man.

E Helena E said...

Children of immigrants feel being "different" so keenly, and having parents who aren't like the others, especially when we grew up in the 50's - 70's. Thank God that later in life we can appreciate their unique ways and courage in surviving war, revolution, and fleeing. Many happy returns and years to your father!

Lil'M said...

aren't they amazing? why does it take us so long to see these things about them?

wv - disbyth

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