Wednesday, March 14, 2012



dinner turned out well.  she had never had a glory bowl before and was impressed at just how amazingly tasty and filling it turned out to be.  I sent her home with leftovers for lunch.  we talked shop.  we listened and vented to each other.  a safe place.

my son worked late.  so we waited up.  watched some sons of anarchy.  season four.  I am wrapped up in the MC and life in Charming California.  I think about this tv series way too much.  I wonder how much is fiction and how much is true.  my mind is consumed by this alternate universe.  I am sure it has to do with watching the episodes consecutively, marathon style.  I will part ways with the characters at the end of this season and then I will be able to move on.

it appears that sickness has descended upon this house.  my son was complaining of aches/ pains yesterday - today full blown cold.

my daughter arrives home tonight.  we pick her up at midnight.

it snowed yesterday.


Victoria said...

ah the glory bowl. it's been a while...

elizabeth said...

hmmm, I think I need the info on gory bowls. could you send me this sometime? no rush. love to you and a hug. can't believe it snowed in BC; it's an early spring here; wondering if snow will return.

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