Thursday, June 28, 2012

after work

Thursday already
the days fly by in my new job
one of the best things is the rhythm of the days.... I am still finding my way and as I get busier the rhythm will change

networking event tonight
met an old friend
won an umbrella
which is timely as it is raining again
but we won't talk about that

stumbled across another old colleague who is still good friends with my husband's best man at our wedding
with whom we lost touch

a couple of leads for jobs for the daughter

story telling event tomorrow night
and maybe dinner out

long weekend
first month in the books


Victoria said...

sounds like things are settling in.

I like the splashes of colour here now. very nice.

good luck to your girl on the job hunt.

leoniewise said...

hey. thanks for linking to weekends collected!

would you like to contribute something too?
you would be very welcome to submit something...


Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Story telling event. I've never attended one. Seems like a fun idea. Enjoy.

amykblum said...

I haven't looked at my blog reader in so long. Lovely scrolling through and having your pics pop up on the screen. I love hearing about your world.

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