Tuesday, July 03, 2012

July July

  • it's raining and I am on the verge of weeping.  I need sunshine.
  • after a small reprieve, summer school is in session.  
  • one teen goes for another attempt at the driving test tomorrow
  • the same teen spent all day yesterday doing an online course that will beef up her resume
  • and that same teen again will be enrolled in week long culinary summer camp
  • it is a short work week.  2 days in the office and last 2 days on a course 
  • made some good gains in overcoming some challenges with daily exercise routine
  • summer pedicure with the daughter tonight
  • I am not motivated to take photos of raindrops on hostas
  • the other teen is working on a fairly regular basis
  • this other teen needs to have his wisdom teeth removed.
  • the de-cluttering project continues
  • I have some Rose in my fridge I am saving for the first sign of sunshine
  • I am going to wear wool socks on July 3rd.
  • we are slowly making plans for the summer weekends.  
  • family night: Macbeth at Bard on the Beach
  • still working on the summer list - maybe I need to commit to posting it and then it will be summer


T. said...

I would love to see your summer list :) If it can be trusted...the forecast says this weekend will be beautiful. Here is to hoping...

Victoria said...

yeah, I just looked it up for my area (then yours)



it's sad to be so excited. like a kid who only gets fed once a day, eh? :P

Jane said...

Oh, I hope some sun comes soon. Send some rainy days this way...I need to get a few indoor things done and my perennials need a drink!

Mimi said...

I hear the sun is around the corner, may it be so both internally and externally.


Sarah in Indiana said...

It's so strange to read of rain and wool socks. Here it is so, so hot, and so, so dry. It hasn't rained a drop at my house in the past month. Too bad we can't trade weather for a bit

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