Tuesday, June 26, 2012



today was an staying in at my computer day
my eyes were tired of staring at the screen
tomorrow I have a lot of proofing to do and then hopefully by noon I can set myself free

no driving license was procured
job interview was short and she was asked to call back tomorrow
we have been through such an event with this same company with my other teen
long and seemingly overly difficult process for the dish pit

I am loving these tattoos

I am thinking I might be risking gastro discomfort and baking this here cake on the weekend. 

some fine soul set me upon this site and I am liking it very much.

I cleaned my son's room.  He is wanting to change things up.  We got rid of an old desk.  We are going to paint.  And we are thinking about getting him a futon that he can quickly flip up and turn into a couch for more seating area when his buddies are over.  The mattress is old and I am thinking a bit stale smelling.  I will be glad to get rid of it.

since no license was procured I am waiting waiting waiting for my son to call me to pick him up so I can go to bed.

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Victoria said...

oi. and so it goes.

you're a good mom. you cleaned his room?? when I clean my kids room I purge, and they don't like it, no, not one little bit :)

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