Thursday, July 05, 2012


Outside in the parking lot



today I was on a digital media course.
the weather was fine
finally after 3 days - I am no longer suffering from my relapse into wheat consumption
is that too much information?

my iphone was possessed and the radio app started playing right in the middle of a presentation.
it was awkward and embarrassing and the worst thing is I don't know how it happened and that it could potentially go off anytime is distressing to me

I am still working on my summer list
I am feeling a bit more inspired photographically speaking
I have some medium format film to be developed.

I have broken out the Pinot Gris.  Currently we are consuming Tinhorn Creek 201.
I am feeling slightly overwhelmed and exhausted in the parenting department.

I am still loving my new job.
Did I mention the sun is shining and summer is officially here and I can't be more pleased.

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Victoria said...

I really reeeeeally like your post-it note summer list idea.
we are going to try it.
my phone did that before. IN CLASS! WITH THE PRINCIPAL RIGHT THERE!!! frick. I just turned it right off. I was so stressed and embarrassed.

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