Friday, July 13, 2012

roadside berries and random bits


I am still adjusting to my new days and new job.   I wanted autonomy - I have it in spades.  It can be overwhelming.  I am still sorting out just how to keep track of my days/ time/ who I speak to/ what I speak to them about.  Personal accountability for time spent is important to me.  Because there are days when I feel as thought I have accomplished absolutely nothing; but if I write down what I do and who I talk to and what I am working on I see that in fact I did do something.

It is definitely summer.  The days have  been beautiful.  Hot and sunny.  We have had the occasional thunder storm and another one is promised for today.  The garden is doing well.  Tomatoes are growing and we are eating our romaine lettuce.  The hostas need some attention.  Once they bloom and show their purple glory; they then quickly become scraggly.

My cameras have been silent.  Occasionally I pull out my iphone.  It is OK.  I am reading a novel.
I ordered a ton of books from the library and there is nothing better than coming home with arm load of new books to peruse.  Fiction and non-fiction.

The daughter comes home from culinary serving camp today.  The art of fine dining is alot of work.  She will bring new skills and knowledge and I know a job is soon on the horizon.  I went to a meeting at the dance school.  Her last year of formal dance training.  She will have an exam in October.  A reminder to put on the pointe shoes.

Happy Friday everyone. 


elizabeth said...

good to hear from you. new jobs take a lot of energy...

Victoria said...

you've had storms? weird. we're only 45min away but no storms here. hm.

I've been following h's instagrams. there haven't been many, but there was a nice one of the city skyline the other day. reminded me how great the city is in the summer. how picturesque. she must be busy. I hope she's enjoying it.

alice c said...

I hear you. Sometimes a period of silence is needed to find your bearings again.

I use Evernote to for lists and to record what I have done every day at work. You can sync it to your phone and work computer. If you are interested I will send you a link that I found helpful.

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